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Chantal MORET PhD
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  • Scientific / medical writing (in english and in french) - Articles and reviews for publications, ghost-writing of popular scientific and medical books, scientific and technical reports, meeting reports, technical notes, publicity brochures, scientific press releases
  • Contents for Internet sites for pharmaceutic companies including permanent updating e.g. science news items
  • Preparation of slides and posters for meetings and congresses and any other scientific or technical activities
  • Scientific, medical and technical translation (english>french; french>english)
  • Independent consulting on research, development and marketing of drugs in the area of neurosciences (psychiatry and neurology)
  • Independent project evaluation
  • Bibliographic research and analysis
  • Scientific intelligence - eg permanent scientific follow-up of a given subject
  • Assistance with submission of manuscripts for publication including replies to referees for non-native English speakers
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For consulting in neurosciences see also Mike Briley

For specific Japanese issues see also Daisuke Mochizuki


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