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curriculum vitae
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24 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Independent consulting on research, development and marketing of drugs in the area of neurosciences (psychiatry and neurology) with particular expertise in antidepressants and in the Japanese psychotropic market
  • Educational lectures on neuroscience subjects for prescribers.
  • Consulting and production of scientific / medical communications programs - from a single publication to a full program.
  • Organisation of advisory board and expert committees, product symposia, publication programs
  • Scientific / medical writing
  • Preparation of slide presentations for meetings and congresses
  • Conception, production and maintenance of scientific (and non-scientific) web-sites - examples include * * *
    * sites no longer maintained
  • Independent project evaluation
  • Bibliographic research and analysis
  • Scientific intelligence - eg permanent scientific follow-up of a given subject
  • Assistance with submission of manuscripts for publication including replies to referees for non-native English speakers click here for details
For scientific writing in neurosciences see also Chantal Moret

For specific Japanese issues see also Daisuke Mochizuki


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